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Australian raw sugar exports to recover in 2012

Australian raw sugar exports are likely to be closer to 2 million tonnes in the 2011/12 season rather than the usual 3 million tonnes.  Exports are unlikely to recover and revert to the 3 million level until the 2012/13 season.  Cyclone Yasi hit Queensland and damaged its sugar cane crop in early February.  Queensland produces 90% of Australia’s sugar.


India’s OGL sugar exports doubtful

Raw sugar futures were up almost 2% heading for 30 year highs once again to close at 32.64 cents per lb.  The rise was after India announced that it had revised down its production outlook for 2010/11 from 26 million tonnes to 24 million tonnes.  Weather conditions have decreased the expected percentage of sugar recovery.  The announcement is also likely to delay and diminish the chances of a positive outcome under India’s Open General Licence for sugar exports, thereby adding to world supply concerns.

Sugar price volatility is expected to remain high until the prospects for sugar supply become clearer.

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